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All about Verbs (Forms, Functions, Conjugation, Tense, Voice Change, Forming Questions & Negation) Twenty-three Names of Verbs in 3 Major Divisions (Study through Verb-trees)

Author Name: Mr. Peter | Format: Paperback | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

The book ‘All about Verbs (Forms, Functions, Conjugation, Tense, Voice Change, Forming Questions & Negation’, illustrates the major divisions of verbs through verb trees, their functions and uses. Finite, Non-finite, State, Event, Principal and Auxiliaries, Transitive and Intransitive, and of different objects- Direct & Indirect, Cognate, Reflexive, Retained, Prepositional Objects, Complements and Adverbials—are described through illustrations and examples, besides about the class and formation of questions (yes-no type, wh-, alternative, tag, rhetorical, short & the indirect questions), negations and of manner of different voice changes.

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Mr. Peter

Mr. Peter is a penname of the writer, an Indian, who is a teacher since 2002 in West Bengal. He is a family man, a husband and a father of two children. Most of his academic works are the products of his professional career what he held for about twenty years and continuing. However, in writing he is a new one and love to publish his works in self-publishing platforms, like Amazon & notionpress.com. For this, Peter heartily feels gratitude to Amazon and notionpress.com.