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Antariksh meets Rajendra Chola The Invincible

Author Name: Itihasika | Format: Paperback | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

Life completely changes of for 12 year old history buff Antariksh when he meets chowkidaar Bharat. Chowkidaar Bharat is leading a regular life as the watchman of the school but carries an interesting secret with him. When he learns about the keen interest that Antariksh has for Indian history he reveals his time travel virtual reality glasses. By wearing these glasses, Antariksh can travel back in time and see how history unfolds with his own eyes.  This is the first book in our ten part series on Indian history called 'New Age Dashavataars'. Each hero is compared to an avataar of Vishnu and many interesting but forgotten aspects of Indian history are narrated along the way. In this story Antariksh travels to 11th century Chola Empire in Tamil Nadu. Through the eyes of Antariksh, this books tells the story of how when North India was being ravaged by invasions of Mohammed Ghazni the South had a new rising power – The Cholas. The story starts with early Tamil history of 300 C.E and goes on to Raja Raja Chola in 985 C.E. Antariksh then sees the chronicles of Rajendra Chola – the invincible. Rajendra Chola is compared to Vishnu's Matsya avtaar in our series, as he took the sea route to expand Indian culture. Antariksh sees how Rajendra Chola expanded the empire from Bengal to Indonesia and maintained a powerful navy. He also sees the amazing temples built by him and realizes why he was an inspiring legend.

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India is a treasure trove of amazing stories and culture. Itihasika comics help children and teens learn their history and heritage in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Itihasika comics connect the stories of our history to the broader culture and makes our past relevant to our present world. Our comics will stimulate curiosity, increase awareness and build cultural confidence.