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Be My Valentine

by Jay Sen

Format: Paperback

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'Be My Valentine' is all about LOVE - First LOVE, True LOVE, Painful LOVE, Lost LOVE and much, much more. RAJ VERMA and SNEHA SHARMA seemed like the perfect couple who were made for each other. And just when they were planning their ‘happily ever after’, life throws them a curveball which hits them right where it hurts the most – Their Hearts. Dreams are shattered, hopes are crushed and memories are forgotten.

Do RAJ and SNEHA manage to find their way back to each other despite all odds? Or does their love pay the ultimate price by succumbing to the ruthlessness of life and fate. Read this exciting, enchanting and heart touching story of ‘LOVE’ in its simplest yet deadliest form to find out.

Writing is his passion, something that fascinates, inspires and motivates him. And seeing people enjoy his writing gives him a high. He is a big foodaholic and an avid traveler, an internet addict and an incorrigible fan of Hollywood action movies. He is also interested in the collection of stamps and coins as a hobby. He believes in the adage ‘one life to live; make it count’. And well, there is nothing that gives him more pleasure and joy in life than making other people happy.



Be My Valentine





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