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Become an Entrepreneur

Author Name: Walter Vieira Format: eBook | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In India, and even world wide, companies are expanding, but trying to do this with less people. Government, which used to be the biggest employer-is downsizing. There is greater use of technology to reduce the number of employees.

Where will the millions of young men and women, who join the work force every year, go? If they do not find gainful employment, there will be social tensions and unhappiness all round.

ENTREPRENEUR is a book to motivate young people-with or without skills; with or without capital. It is for those who have a spark of entrepreneurship, which can be fanned into a flame. A flame that can spread into a raging fire throughout the nation.

ENTREPRENEUR is not a how to book. It is a why should I book. It will motivate to start your own enterprise-to provide a job for yourself, and hopefully, also for some, or many others.

ENTREPRENEUR gives many examples. Stories of young men and women in India, Singapore, Thailand- who have struck out on their own-successfully. It shows 'what man has done, man can do'

ENTREPRENEUR is written in Walter Vieira's inimitable style.  Simple language; short paragraphs; a sense of humour- the consummate raconteur.  The hallmark of his 10 earlier books.

ENTREPRENEUR is a 'must read' for all young men and women who are graduating from vocational training institutes (alas, too few); from colleges; from JTTs and IIMs. ENTREPRENEUR is an excellent gift to your children and to your friends' children- so that many candles can be lighted to create fulfilled individuals; contented communities; and in tum, a prosperous nation.

"His first hand experience and the depth of his knowledge and thought on various aspects of business combine to give a unique strength to this book. I am sure readers will find this a rewarding experience."

- Mr K. V. Kamat, Managing Director & CEO, ICIC Bank Limited



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Walter Vieira

Walter Vieira, has spent 14 years as a corporate executive with leading multi-nationals; and 33 years as a management consultant working with multinationals, large Indian conglomerates, medium sized businesses; Central & State governments, NGOs and the social sector.

He has pioneered marketing consultancy in India; and training and consultancy in cross-cultural issues in global marketing; as well as management of NGOs.

He has worked across countries and cultures over a 30-years period from USA, Europe, Africa, South and South East Asia.

 Apart from being Chairman of ICMCI-the world apex body of management consultants; he was the founder Chairman of the Asia Pacific Conference of Management consultants; and the first President of the Institute of Management Consultants of India.



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