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Begotten Why Christ could be the prescription you could have been waiting for.

Author Name: Sudin Daniel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

This is a journey through the practical, life transforming message of Christ and how the world, measures up against Him. He was a revolutionary and his revolution was not of this world. There was no bloodshed except his own, there were no prisoners except himself, he lost no one, but accepted everyone. Until then no one spoke of redemption, hope or eternal life. He baffled even his closest aids with his endearing approach. The Nazarene Jesus is my redeemer, a personal, loving Father. I have relished His greatness, His message of Hope, and wish you too could. He is beyond any boundaries set by man. His religion is Love and Love alone!

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Sudin Daniel

In my career as a Surgeon, I have handed over many a prescription and have operated with the intention to cure and reduce suffering. However, I have been stunned not once, but time and over again, when the prescription for human malady is beyond anything science or medicine could offer. I see no difference between any of my fellow beings, when they are on the operating table, as they all need the best to be better again. It is time we realised that medicine and all of the human innovations have limitations, and a lot of it! However, in life’s journey, full of mistakes and shortcomings, of loss, and of despair, we all need the Doc which this world cannot offer. So, I introduce Him to you, as He appears to me, another soul looking for deeper meaning and self-worth.