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Heartfelt A Compilation of some Articles and Poems that I have created...

by Meenal S.

Format: Paperback

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From a simple girl who loves playing with words... These are some conversations I have had with myself... Some stories, Some Poems and most importantly some thoughts that lingered in the form of language! "Heartfelt" is just something that is truly Heartfelt... its something that just came into existence without any effort. They may be moments I have lived, or passed by or just thought of... Whether true or not every world is something that came right from my heart... I present it to you! I hope you enjoy the thoughts!

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A Chef by Education, Spoken English Trainer by choice and a writer by heart. I am a optimistic, fun loving and slightly sentimental person and a believer in everything nice about this world. Passion and impulse are the two virtues that I have treasured all my life and somehow that's what I plan to keep up... because out of these virtues, i can indulge with words and create something that always stays close to me heart! Hope my readers find it equally indulging!

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