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Lily, Jake and the Waterland Sorceress

Author Name: Prachi Poddar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Without thinking twice, Jake brought home the big shiny egg that he found near the sea shore.  He and his best friend George never imagined that a mermaid baby would hatch from it.  Their terror and panic on discovering a merbaby soon turns into adventure as they gradually learn about the magical world of water.  The merbaby, whom they name Lily, grows into a twelve year old beautiful, strong and intelligent young girl at the end of one year. But then all hell breaks loose as Lily has been tracked down by a wicked merman who is a follower of an evil sorceress mermaid who wants to capture her.  They manage to get rid of the merman and then travel to this amazing world of water deep within the sea, where they are again chased by the evil sorceress mermaid.  Another adventure later, they manage to return to the land only to realize that Lily is still not safe! The evil sorceress seeks something very desperately that is in Lily’s possession. 

Recommended for the age groups of 8 and above.

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Prachi Poddar

Prachi Poddar is a devoted mother in the current life, an avid reader, dreamer and corporate employee in a not-so-distant past life.  Like most new mothers, Prachi left her job to take care of her daughter.  Her world revolved around nappies and stories.  When she decided to get back to work, the world decided to shut down due to the pandemic.  Maybe it was a sign! Stuck inside the house, going through a personal loss, lack of job opportunities, and typical housewife chores, all of this drove her towards depression.

Stories in her head are what kept her going.  She decided to pen one down and that helped her find her true self.  Who better a story teller than a mother to an incessantly talking 6 year old daughter!