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My Bible Study Book (Seniors) Volume 1

Author Name: Mini Thomas, Berlin Chandra, Nissy Varghese, Monisha Steeve | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

My Bible study  book is the first part of a three-part volume- curriculum, developed to teach the Bible to  children in a systematic and practical way. The plan is to cover the Bible in 3 years. We have used the  “READ” approach to make this  book an effective tool  to the learner.  READ stands for:

        R- read (reading the scripture portion from the Bible)

        E- explain (explaining the portion)

        A- apprehend (understanding it in practical context)

        D- do (application in everyday life or activity)

Every lesson is integrated with a memory verse and a Christ connect section, to help the children understand how Jesus Christ is connected to our life  through the stories, and with the great plan of God's salvation.

We pray that this book be a blessing to children in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Mini Thomas, Berlin Chandra, Nissy Varghese, Monisha Steeve

Pr. Mini Thomas is one of the founding members of  Master's Grace Church (MGC). She is a teacher at heart and by profession. She is the driving force behind making this vision a reality. She co-pastors MGC with her husband Pr. Joseph Thomas and are parents of two handsome adult twins. Besides her full-time job as a professor with a Master of Engineering and a research scholar, she has a Master's in Divinity and heads the Children’s Ministry at MGC. Pr. Mini and her family reside in Mississauga, Ontario.

Berlin Chandra serves as the leader of the Children’s Ministry at MGC. She attributes her passion for developing children to the Sunday School and Vacation Bible Schools she had attended as a child. Berlin has been instrumental in organizing events for children in the church. She and her husband have two lovely girls and live in Milton, Ontario. She possesses an MBA and works a full-time job.

Nissy Varghese serves at MGC in more than one capacity. As a talented artist, she is our ‘go-to’ person for anything in the creative space. She is passionate about using her talents to benefit little children and adults alike. She and her husband are parents of a handsome little champ and live in Toronto, Ontario. Besides, she has a Masters in Community Health Nursing and enjoys teaching, doodling, painting, and gardening.

Monisha Steeve also has been one of the teachers at MGC since we started. Besides teaching the children, she also plays a key role in the hospitality and the welcome team of the church. She enjoys cooking and is a respiratory therapist. She and her husband are parents of two blessed children; a daughter and a son. They live in Mississauga, Ontario.



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