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Of Love, Fear and Hope

by Saud Bhoira

Format: Paperback

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Lazier Zovien, an orphan lad finds hope in a prison cell, where he is enamored by Ayena, a beautiful girl who visits him while working on a ‘Center of Rehabilitation’ assignment. He escapes prison, swims across a river, with destiny leading him towards Ayena- the girl of his dreams. He had stolen from her shop, and she steals his heart. The balance between the two thefts is not set, and a chase begins...

The author was born on the third of January, 1992 in a small port town on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia.

He studied at Our Lady of Victories High, and R. D. National College in Mumbai, India. He received religious education from Jubail Dawah Center, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

He is deeply interested in integrating bionics with software design.

Of Love, Fear and Hope is his first novel. He is currently working on his fictional work- Musings of Zerfia.




Of Love, Fear and Hope





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