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Pearl Gemology & Buying Guide

by Milad Darejeh

Format: Hardcover

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This book is the first of its kind to be published, in order to expand the knowledge of the gemology in a very simple way. Therefore using of complicated expression & words is being prevented to make it a step by step guide for everyone & we hope you find it user friendly.

Milad Darejeh was born in Pars province in southern part of Iran. After completing M.Sc in Environmental science in collaboration of NGRI & Osmania University, he is now pursuing Ph.D. He has been engaged in the gemology and jewelry making business since his teenage years.Finally, after 8 years of working and research experience, he has now decided to organize the dispersed knowledge of Pearl Gemology, and share this knowledge with everyone via this book. As a gem appraiser, he spent the last 8 years in the pursuit of becoming a world class gemologist.



Pearl Gemology & Buying Guide





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