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Reaching the Next Level The Art of Being the Best by Learning from the Better

Author Name: Keshav Agrawal | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Ever felt stuck or felt that learning has stopped?
Do you have that zeal to be better than what you consider your best?
At times, we need a nudge to come out of our comfort zone and reach the next level.
We have an arsenal of nudges all around us that we fail to utilize—people. Both physically and virtually, people are a powerful source of personal growth. From soft skills to intrinsic qualities     like grit and mental toughness, to extrinsic and domain skills, we have a vast library available to us at every single point in time.
Reaching the Next Level puts you into the M.O.D.E, with the methodology of Mindset, Observation, Decision, Extraction, to capitalize on the amount of growth and qualities you can absorb from your environment and compound the rate at which you grow.
The techniques and methods in this book are incredibly potent and have the potential to make you susceptible to numerous sources of learning, both good and bad. It can make you great as well as dangerous. So, as a word of advice, kindly internalize the practice endorsed by the book with care and caution. It is easy to lose yourself in the environment for the process of growth with these techniques, so be mindful of how you’re approaching your environmental exposure and be responsible for the new powers you gain.

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Keshav Agrawal

Hailing from a life of hardships and challenges from a very young age, Keshav Agrawal is on a journey to explore what makes us take our abilities to new horizons and makes us achieve the impossible. Writing this book at the age of 18, Keshav Agrawal glides through bleeding-edge research in cognitive science, economics, psychology, behaviour, logicand spirituality to find answers to the key to personal growth as well as the mystery of human growth and capabilities. 
Keshav Agrawal is a writer, author, speaker and, most importantly, a student. He believes that apart from the laws of physics, we don’t have any other limits. With a sheer force of will, everything is achievable. His dream is to integrate all the sources of personal growth into an economic theory that will change the way people perceive human potential and overall development.



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