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Rhetoric & Prosody A handbook of Figures of Speech, rhymes, feet of poetic lines for High School Students

Author Name: Mr. Peter | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The book ‘Rhetoric & Prosody, a handbook of Figures of Speech, rhymes, feet of poetic lines for High School Students’ is purely designed for high school students. The book includes chapters that covers Rhetoric, the seven class of Figures of Speech which are often termed as ornamentation of speech, particularly by a writer or a leader to impress their readers or audience. The book includes simile, metaphor, antithesis, epigram, oxymoron, metonymy, synecdoche, hypallage, personification, pathetic fallacy, apostrophe, vision, hyperbole, irony, euphemism, alliteration, pun, and many others with short illustrations and examples against each of them; and in the section of Prosody (the Grammar of Verse) the book includes illustrations on rhyme, meter, foot of a poetic line and the art of scansion for proper understanding of poetic lines, besides has an introduction of some verse forms and literary terms with their definitions and examples which are helpful for all.

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Mr. Peter

Mr. Peter, a teacher and author from West Bengal, India. As a teacher, he loves his profession and prefers to publish his academic books on Amazon & Presently, Mr. Peter’s books are available in the world market in 3 formats — eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover through Amazon,, Flipkart, and they are live on Kindle, Google Play and Google Books as well for reading as eBook. 

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