Samajdar Premika



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Summary of the Book

I am writing since long. Now I am presenting a collection of my short stories to the readers. Some of the stories were published in news paper and magazines. They were acclaimed by readers. How is this collection of my short stories - it would be reflected in reactions and suggestions of readers. I have written as I have experienced this society and world .You will enjoy some of my short stories as summary of novel. I have written in that language which is language of common man . Not a bookish language. If you people will approve my work I will come forward with a new collection of short stories named " kya yeh jaroori hai "In my stories I have pointed towards some of evils of our society. If a few evils would be removed due to my work I will be grateful. Please send your comments and suggestions. THANKS

About the Author

Pradeep Kumar Srivastav was born in Varanasi. He is a post graduate in Physics. Currently he is living in Ghaziabad. Very soon will be shifting to Mumbai. He is a Retired Senior Manager of Allahabad Bank.

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