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Sexual Overdrive

Author Name: Virat Sharma Format: eBook | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

The book explains the need for subjugating one’s sexual impulses, the ways and techniques for its achievement and finally the benefits. This book is not recommended for atheists and nor for people who do not believe in the rebirth of the soul. It is only meant to act as a guide for people who seriously want to overcome excessive sexual attraction.

Almost all men and women at some stage of their life have come across a state of mind when it seeks pleasure from the physical body more than necessary. They desperately desire to come out of the abominable situation which challenges their very moral fiber but no matter how much they convince themselves to do so, they are over-whelmed at the prospect of a few minutes of extreme pleasure

This book deals with the issue of sexual overdrive. The first part explains why one needs at all to control one’s sexual impulse. What if it’s left untamed. People have this notion that sex has been created for enjoyment. Why not just enjoy it whenever you want to. Why control?

The second part of the book details ways to subdue your constant enemy. It specifies mental and physical techniques to overcome arguably one of the greatest adversaries of mankind. If the suggestions are followed scrupulously then in due course of time one will find that they have overcome a mighty foe and have become a lion of happiness.

The last part of the book reasons why an effort is worth it. All in all, this book wouldn’t disappoint its reader for they’ll be benefited by at least a few points which will surely change their perspectives and lives forever.


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Virat Sharma