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Study of Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives & Articles (detail study) Aspects of Number, Gender, Case, Functions of Nouns; Pronouns and Adjectives; Formation of Adjectives, Degrees, & about Determiners

Author Name: Mr. Peter | Format: Paperback | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

The book begins with letters, words and syllables, and then gradually it deals in details of three parts of speech- Nouns, Pronouns and Adjectives including the uses of Articles. The book shows how Cases dominate different functions of Nouns as well as of Pronouns. It has included roles of Nouns to form Nominal Compounds, Prepositional Objects, Complements besides forming Adverbial phrase, Subject and Object. It illustrates the use of Adjectives, the formation of degrees, position and proper arrangement of Adjectives and others.

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Mr. Peter

Mr. Peter is a penname of the writer, an Indian, who is a teacher since 2002 in West Bengal. He is a family man, a husband and a father of two children. Most of his academic works are the products of his professional career what he held for about twenty years. However, in writing he is a new one and love to publish his works in self-publishing platforms, like Amazon and notionpress.com. For this, Peter heartily feels gratitude to Amazon and notionpress.com. Presently his books are available on Amazon worldwide (in 3 formats—eBook, Paperback, Hardcover) as well as on Flipkart and notionpress.com (in notion press book store mainly for paperback in the Indian Sub-content.)