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Study of Subject-Verb Agreement, Narration Change, Use of Punctuation; including Analysis, Synthesis & Split-up Study through charts, division, explanations and examples

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The book includes the chapters of --how to analyze simple, compound and complex sentences—to know different basic parts of a sentence (as subject, predicate, and their adjuncts or extension) for better understanding the formation of a sentence. It helps you to build, modify, change your sentence from one to another.   If you learn to analyze a sentence properly, synthesis or joining is a very easy task for a student; like,  ‘Better repair comes with the knowledge of different parts of an engine’.  And split-up is it’s another important part to nurture. The mood of Speech, the so-called narration change (from direct to indirect, and vice-versa) have been included with illustrations of rules and examples. A prolonged exercise of transformation of sentences (conversion) from one to thirty-two has been included to give you taste and foster your knowledge how far you have gathered till date.  Sixteen punctuations with signs or symbols and their significance cum uses are shown with examples in sentences. And to last, but not least, given importance to your need for a summary of subject-verb agreement to enrich the knowledge to make you prepared for the competitive exams. Thanking you, lots of regard from Mr. Peter. 

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Mr. Peter

Mr. Peter, a teacher and author from West Bengal, India. As a teacher, he loves his profession and prefers to publish his academic books on Amazon & Presently, Mr. Peter’s books are available in the world market in 3 formats — eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover through Amazon,, Flipkart, and they are live on Kindle, Google Play and Google Books as well for reading as eBook. 

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