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The Avenging Act

Author Name: Tushar Mangl | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

“You raped by body, not my soul, I will rape your soul, not your body.” This is what Abhita promised to the two men, who had raped her. The Avenging Act is the story about 23 year old Abhita Sahni. Brutally raped, in a busy locality in New Delhi, she decides to fight those people, who caused irreparable scars on her soul. This is a chilling account of her journey to achieve justice, against all odds, what she loses and what she gains out of it.


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Tushar Mangl

About the Author

Tushar Mangl is a political analyst and social commentator based in Ludhiana. An avid reader, he spends most of his free time watching TV shows, reading, writing and traveling. He is the author of The Avenging Act, The Thakur Boy , Footsteps on the Sands of Time and The Reluctant Scribbler.

Write to him at tusharmangal@hotmail.com

Or reach out at https://www.facebook.com/tushar3

Follow his blog – www.tusharmangl.blogspot.com


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