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The Outbreak Conspiracy - Volume 1 Fight Against a Criminal Regime

Author Name: Jorge Sheldon | Format: Paperback | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

In an alternate universe, the ultimate weapon has just been unleashed…

Welcome to the Multiverse… In this alternate version of history, the Great States of America (GSA) stand poised on the brink of a cold war with the Chinese Communist Republic (CCR). And surrounded by the neon lights of Hong Kong, pro-democracy advocate Jing Po makes an impassioned speech against Jim-un-Ping, the CCR’s brutal dictatorial leader.

But the young rebel soon finds himself arrested by the corrupt regime, and thrown into a train of full of political prisoners and Uyghur Muslims from concentration camps. En route to the burial grounds in Wuhan, Jing’s future looks bleak. But his life takes an even darker turn when he meets an undercover operative for the Resistance, a secret organization fighting against the CCR and its authoritarian leadership.

Jing is shocked to learn that the CCR’s latest ploy for global domination has gone horribly wrong... In Wuhan, an outbreak rages out of control and thousands are dying every day... A biological weapon that could re-shape the planet has been accidentally deployed.

And no one knows how to stop it…

The Outbreak Conspiracy is a breath-taking visual novel that plunges readers into a fascinating alternate history. Nothing is as it seems, and the world stands on the brink of annihilation. Current events meet sci-fi adventure in this ground breaking new series.

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