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Author Name: Priyanka Athia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Every time we make a decision based on what our mind believes under certain conditions!

Is it completely fine? Is it right or wrong? This decision in itself is very difficult because the circumstances have become such that the mind or heart is not stable at all. So at that time a book plays the role of a companion in itself where it decorates the different colours of life. In the same way, this book weaves a garland of experiences in the form of pearls of life and a very important part of life "love". Sometimes this book will act as a companion and sometimes it will act as a teacher. And because a companion and teacher prepares us for the future as well, reading this book will save you from confusion at crucial times in life.

So what are you waiting for now?

Get ready to see the world of “life” and “love” through the eyes of this book.

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Priyanka Athia

In seventh grade, their perspective widened as they began scrutinizing various facets of situations. Being young, answers to their questions remained elusive, leading to endless inner dialogues. This prompted them to start jotting down thoughts evoked by everyday scenes. This marked the start of their writing journey, initially with informal articles that kindled their passion for writing. Gradually, they ventured into crafting quotes, eventually experimenting with Hindi and Urdu shayari. Change often necessitates experience or a pivotal moment. Their father's nostalgic tales of his village childhood became the catalyst for their first Hindi poem, "WAQT," capturing their father’s struggles transitioning from village life to the city. Their father’s one wish was to return to their hometown for a peaceful life, but circumstances prevented it. They later recorded it, voiced the editing, and posted it to their "Athia Quotes" Instagram account and YouTube channel.