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Notion Press presents memoirs in the form of poetry as a celebration of 40 Years

They say with age comes wisdom and maturity. As we grow older we hold with us all the experiences we cherish and the moments that shaped us.

Notion Press, India’s leading self publishing platform, presents to you 40 Years by Ritah, a collection of 40 poems that give us a look into the vignettes of her life. Celebrating her 40th birthday, Ritah released a compilation of poems that traces the journey of her life from childhood to now.

Seychelles is the idyllic paradise for a holiday and the author invites us for a glimpse at a life spent growing up on an island. Simple in style but powerful in emotion, these poems act like little pit stops in her life. 40 poems for the 40 years she has lived so far and each verse is personal, intimate and charmingly sweet.

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40 Years

When you read a poem, you’re reading a part of the poet as well. Through the 40 poems, Ritah portrays in colour her childhood with her family, her experience at school, growing up, travelling the world, living among the vibrancy of an island and her spiritual journey. The book is a gift of celebration. By sharing her journey, the author hopes that each person honours his or her own journey.

Are the words etched on the pages calling to you? Refreshingly genuine, you can grab your copy of this book on notionpress.com or other leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart. 

Ritah was born and raised in Seychelles. The mother of two boys, she has gone back to her childhood dream to work with children. A primary school teacher since 2018, Ritah has previously worked as a central banker for eight years. She has also gone back to another childhood passion of writing. So turning 40 has not just been a celebration of what she has accomplished but also the joy and privilege of reviving her childhood dreams.

Taking time to pause, Ritah decided to compile her poems, not just for a book but also a moment to go back, soak in all that has been and appreciate the magic in each step.

This book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

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