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“He who confronts the paradoxical exposes himself to reality.”

We all have dreams. Not the ones about accomplishing forever-life goals and far-fetched
objectives. But, actual dreams.

In fact, various theories have stated that a human being spends approximately six years of their
life merely dreaming! Most times, dreams are heavily influenced by the events of our own lives.
But there are a few strange dreams that appear to everyone in common.

Like when one dreams of finding themselves naked in public! Yes, nightmares are dreams too,
and they mean something. But, what could the “naked” us be possibly trying to tell us?
Something that they can’t tell with some clothes on?

But, more importantly, why do we have such dreams?

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents A Life Without Pants by Somesh
Mittal, a book that comprises of paradoxes that are centuries-old to ones that haven’t been
around for a decade.

Like Sigmund Freud reveals in The Interpretation of Dreams, “In a dream in which one is naked
or scantily clad in the presence of strangers, it sometimes happens that one is not in the least
ashamed of one’s condition. But the dream of nakedness demands our attention only when
shame and embarrassment are felt in it, when one wishes to escape or to hide, and when one
feels the strange inhibition of being unable to stir from the spot, and of being utterly powerless
to alter the painful situation.”

As a shared vision for all genders alike, this subconscious visualization demands vivid
introspection, often arising from emotions such as vulnerability and insecurity that are deep
within ourselves. It is a typical visitor for individuals who are hiding their true identity from
everyone, fearful of the world’s reaction towards them, but at the same time, is craving for
their approval in life.

But, why do we need people’s approval? Why can’t we be confident with our guards down?
Why can’t we just live life with our PANTS DOWN?

A Life Without Pants by Somesh Mittal is all about the paradoxes that we have often heard in
our lives. The book proves that, like any other paradox, our life can also be looked at differently.
It urges you to look at life the way you want to, and not how someone else wants it to be.

A Life Without Pants is all about being confident enough to face the world by being our truest
and most authentic self, dropping that façade we have always strived to maintain in front of

Author Somesh Mittal is a graduate of Modern School, Delhi and the University of
Manchester, United Kingdom. He is an entrepreneur and leads the Balaji Group; a business
conglomerate operating in diversified sectors, and based out of Gurugram, Haryana.

His passion for understanding human emotions in a profound manner has led him to write his
first book, which is all about finding the right solutions to (probably) wrong questions!

Currently, Mittal is happily married and a father of two beautiful daughters. He lives with his
family in Gurugram, Haryana.

Grab your copy of A Life Without Pants by Somesh Mittal in print and e-book format at the
Notion Press Bookstore, and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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