why you should write

Why You Should Write a Book

We live in a world of 7 billion people; a beautiful planet that is home to amazing diversity. With thousands of languages spoken around the world, with people from different cultural and diverse backgrounds living together, and with so many things diversifying us at so many different levels, the world is indeed huge and not how the internet perceives it to be. Considering such vast diversity, we, as humans, have ...

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Book Genres

The Definitive Guide to Book Genres

Everyone has a type. Be it people, music, movies or books. With music and books especially, the 'my type' is more evident, which we call, the genre here. The genre is defined by Google as ''A category of literary composition determined by the tone, technique, and content". That is Google for you, but to simplify, just imagine, you are at a confluence of roads. There are five paths, each further ...

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Famous authors

Famous authors who chose self-publishing

Writing a novel and finishing it is hard, however getting a publisher to print the novel is harder. Unable to find publishers, there have been many authors who have taken the self-publishing route. With various self-publishing programs and websites that allow writers to publish their own stories, more authors are moving towards self-publishing. Here is a look at famous authors who chose self-publishing. If you already have a manuscript, learn How ...

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book cover

5 Book Cover Mistakes Every Indie Author Makes

  Okay, there's no debating on this one people do judge a book by its cover! If you've published a book already and wondering why your book hasn't sold volumes in the market, most probably your cover was too bad to be picked up. Before readers could get to reading blurb, bio and table of contents, they first look at the cover. Book cover is of prime importance and here, we've ...

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book isbn

All You Need to Know about ISBN

Let's start the post like one of the many posts out there the abbreviation of ISBN. It stands for International Standard Book Number. In simple words, it's a unique identification number for your books, whose purpose is to maintain stocks and help book searchers, who do not have proper information on the title of the book and its author name, find books and their preferred editions. This was very useful ...

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book printing

How are Books Printed?

If you've decided to self-publish your book, you must know all the aspects of self-publishing. By all aspects, I mean from ideation to marketing and promoting your books. And knowing how your books are printed is an important thing you need to know as an author. It's not like you send out your manuscript to your printer and that comes out as a book. Nope. There a lot of things ...

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Copyrights Registration

What You Need to Know about Copyrights Registration

As an author, today's technological advancements may both intrigue you and scare you. Intrigue because publishing your book in the market and taking your content to your target audience is way easier than it used to be and scary because of the diverse ways content is consumed and (ab)used! Being writers, we all want to have an ownership of what we write and publish. The use of our content without ...

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Book Cover-design Tips

Book Cover-Design Inspiration

Our last post covered some of the basics on designing an effective book cover and this post will explore the aspects of designing a book-cover further. Here's some inspiration for Book Cover-Design: Book Cover-design: How to do it Right Take Inspiration from other Books and Authors This is one of the very first things you should do. Have a look at some of the books of other authors of the same genre and see ...

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Book Cover-design Tips

Essential Book Cover-design Tips

We have to be honest about two things as far as book publishing is concerned: People do judge a book by its cover. A lot of great books are turned down by readers because of poor cover-design. We cannot deny the fact that people open to reading all kinds of books pick up those that have a well-designed cover. In my experience, I've seen a few authors who overlook the fact ...

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how to make a writing portfolio

Comparing Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing

Now I know what self-publishing is all about. So, what next? Next is to understand the difference between Self-publishing and Traditional publishing. Remember that each has its own share of pros and cons and the decision on which type of publishing to choose depends on your preferences on what works best for you. Traditional Publishing Now, traditional publishers are like investors. What do investors do? They find great opportunities and invest. As investors, ...

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What is Self-publishing

To all those curious souls who wish to learn what self-publishing is all about, here's the answer: It's all about you. The best way to illustrate this concept would be to imagine self-publishing as a business, as a startup. How do startups popup? There is this great, revolutionary idea that you have in mind, you work on it, analyze your target audience, manufacture the product or master at rendering your service, ...

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