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Notion Press’ Latest is an Insight into Your Inner Self through Art

 “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” 

Self-help books often come off as theoretical. Indulging in one is not simply going to solve your problems in life. However, that also doesn’t mean that such books don’t offer encouragement and inspiration. In fact, there are self-help books out there that can take you on a vivid therapeutic reading. It can even be one of the most rewarding literary experiences you may have had yet! 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Conversations Between The  Little Girl and The Panda by Akriti Bhartia, a captivating insight into your authentic inner self through art. 

Art is going through a revolution and it has lent an enchanting dimension to the literary world.  Images and illustrations can unfold in several translations to different individuals. However,  they have become a part of a universal language that is understood by all and connects us all.  Each stroke and each sketch can evoke feelings that resonate with people from all walks of life.  When barriers arise from language and culture, art forms a common bridge to understanding each other. 

Everything in our lives is a combination of elements, and these elements form a pattern. How we combine several things defines us – for example, the words we speak, the clothes we wear,  the ingredients we use to cook, the way we drive our emotions to keep body and mind balanced, and so on. Everything we do or have in our lives is a form of art. However, everyone has a different definition of art.

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Conversations Between The Little Girl and The Panda

Conversations Between The Little Girl and The Panda are a result of this belief. The book puts across the quest of the mind creatively. It combines relatable elements of life and portrays them using characters – such as The Little Girl as our inner voice and The Panda as our body. 

Why you ask? Pandas are symbols of friendship and abundance, compassion and love. They are complacent creatures and enjoy their existence in natural environments. Whereas, The Little  Girl is the child hidden inside all of us, who is a curious explorer and strives to be the best all the time. 

However, the question is – What is the definition of best? 

This is the core idea of Conversations Between The Little Girl and The Panda and it illustrates dialogs with ourselves and offers insight into our inner selves. 

Author Akriti Bhartia is a perpetually curious and creative mompreneur. Her vision is to become a global storyteller through art. Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts from College of Arts, Delhi, she loves painting and designing clothes. Bhartia enjoys good music and is a certified theta healing practitioner. She believes in upgrading skills constantly. 

Being creative and reading self-help books has been very close to Bhartia since her childhood.  From a very young age, she constantly sought answers to a lot of questions. She had always been a keen observer and an inquisitive soul to learn and grow.  

Bhartia recalls, “My creative nature made me see things differently. All through my growing up years, from graduation to getting married, from becoming a working woman to being a  homemaker, from being a mother to foraying into entrepreneurship, the creativity within me has been an integral part of my life. I have used it in different ways at different stages of life.  Creativity leads to self-expression. There is nothing right or wrong as everything depends on  perspective.”

This self-help book may just help you solve those unanswered questions you’ve had all through your life with vividly portrayed characters. 

Grab your copy of Conversations Between The Little Girl and The Panda by Akriti Bhartia in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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