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Delhi Book Clubs that Every Bookworm Should Join

If you take pride in calling yourself a bookworm, joining a book club is something you must do. Every book lover not only loves reading but also analyzing and discussing his or her thoughts about a book. Book clubs act as a perfect platform for that. A book club is open to anyone with a passion for reading. Looking to join one in the NCR? Here is a list for you. We also have a list of books clubs across India, in case you are from a different city.

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Gurgaon Connection Book Club

The Gurgaon Connection Book Club was started by Holly Lacsher and is open for expats only. The primary motive behind this book club is to get expats to meet and discuss books. They have members from different countries including Australia, England, Poland, Thailand and Sweden. Every month, the group meets to discuss a book. The book is either fiction or non-fiction. Once they decide on a book, all members read it and meet again in one of the member’s house to discuss the book. Additionally, they use it as a way to get to know new people as well.

Mums at Work Book Club

Started by Jyoti Gulati, the Mums at Work book club is an exclusive club for women for sharing their ideas about books and authors. The book club was started to ensure that women get some me time. The club meets once a month at the founder’s house to discuss the books they have read. They also have a theme every month, and the women can read any book relating to the subject, and they sit down and discuss the book that they have read.

Novel Ideas Book Club

Started by Sunil Sharma, the Novel Ideas book club is a platform for book lovers who read about murder mystery, philosophy, and travel & adventure. Currently, the group has 300 members; the book club meets every alternate Saturdays to discuss books and authors. The members are given a choice to make a presentation on a particular book, and if the presentation is compelling enough for everyone, the book is finalised as the book that the members would read for the following meetings. Apart from this, the group also has discussions on politics, religion, spirituality, and every other topic. The membership is free, and the meetings happen at bookstores or coffee shops and restaurants around M.G. Road area in Gurgaon.

Want to join this club? Contact or call Sunil at +91 9717719898

Delhi Book club

The Delhi Book Club meets once a month and decides on a book that the members want to read and discusses it during the next session. They not only debate their ideas and opinion but also dress up as their favourite character from the book and exchange dialogues.

Aravali Book Club

The book club was formed by the members of an NGO named Aravali Centre for Arts and Culture. The members read two books a month and meet on the first Saturdays of every month between 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The group also has an open library to borrow books. Contact:

India Habitat Centre Book Club

Started by theatre artist Bubbles Sabharwal more than a decade ago, India Habitat centre book club has interactive reading sessions with authors. The group focuses on contemporary fiction and meets once a month on a Friday, 6:30 to 7:30 pm.


Reading Caterpillar

Looking to inculcate the habit of reading in your young ones? Then Reading Caterpillar is the right book club for you. They have a library filled with books for children from the age of 1 up till 10. Apart from this, the book club also conducts workshops that revolve around different authors and have activities such as origami for kids.

Delhi Bring Your Own Book Club

A unique book club, at Delhi, Bring Your Own Book Club, members bring and talk about their favourite books, make new friends, eat food and best of all, take home new books to read! Each member brings a book and reviews it and once the review is over, other members are allowed to ask questions.

Book and Movie Club

This club reviews both books and movies. Each member is requested to read a certain book and discuss that book at the meetings. The group sees people from Delhi and Noida. The meetings happen every second Saturday of the month from noon to 2 pm.

Delhi Book Lovers

As the name suggests, the Delhi Book Lovers club is open to anyone who loves reading and books. It is a forum for book lovers to meet and discuss their favourite book and exchange views and opinions. The club also acts as a platform for writers to showcase their work. Delhi book lovers are one of the largest book communities in the NCR with more than 2000 members. Looking to join? Contact: or

Hindi Book Lovers

Love reading Hindi literature this book club is the perfect place for you. Seeing that Hindi literature is losing importance, this book club was started to develop a network with aspiring and established writers, poets and book lovers who love Hindi and want Hindi to be promoted.

Book Club

Started by Mallika Berry, a dental surgeon by profession, the book club was formed in 2004. The club meets every month on one of the Sundays to discuss a book that they have read. The club specialises in fiction with The Palace of Illusions and The Witch of Portobello being the top reads. Contact if you want to join the club.

Delhi Book Club Meet up

With over 80 members in the group, the Delhi Book Club meets up on every first and third Saturday of the month at 4.00 pm. The group was formed by Vinayak Tripathi, an architect by profession and an avid book reader. The club usually reads a lot of classics such as The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Their meetings usually happen at Khan Market or Connaught Place.

Expand your horizons, meet and greet fellow book lovers in the NCR with the help of this list! If you find it useful and would like to give us your feedback, please leave a comment below. If you are from MumbaiChennai or Bangalore, we have a list of the book clubs in your cities as well!

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