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Notion Press’ Latest presents the Story of a Boy who Changed Many Lives

Someone once said, “Children with special needs, inspire a special  love.” 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, is proud to present Devin’s Life on the  Spectrum, the story of a boy who was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called ALPS,  an immune disorder called ITP, and Autism. Yet, he managed to bring joy to everyone he crossed paths with. This is a book dedicated to him by his father, Kent Winter. 

As a parent, losing a child is an unfathomable loss. However, Devin’s life became an inspiration for everyone he met in his brief earthly sojourn. He was a boy with a spark in his eyes, a  beaming warm smile and a compassionate heart. The book elucidates upon the countless poignant moments in Devin’s life, which are now cherished memories for his family. 

Devin always wanted to be popular. He loved watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with family and friends. One of the things that he held close to his heart was poetry. And, this book bears a true witness to his love for poetry. It comprises pieces of poetry composed by Devin, ranging from sonnets to limericks. 

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Devin’s Life on the Spectrum

Apart from being a narrative on Devin’s life, this book is a ray of hope to all parents who are raising children with disorders or struggling with the loss of a child. 

Kent stands witness to the wonders that children are capable of – provided that they are raised in an environment conducive for them to flourish. The book reminds us that children with disorders are no less than anyone. In fact, they possess unwavering strength and determination to live life to the fullest, and this needs to be protected and nurtured. 

Irrespective of how the world chooses to treat them, this courage will never be deterred as long as the family stands together. Devin’s story hopes to inspire, teach and lead everyone who thinks of giving up when life throws a curveball at them. Each chapter in this book will make you walk with Devin and appreciate the little joys that make life worth living. 

While there are plenty of books that would take you through an inspiring journey, Devin’s Life on the Spectrum is an essential read as it treads upon a true story of a boy who smiled in the face of adversity and taught some valuable life lessons along the way. 

Author Kent Winter was born and raised with five siblings in a middle-class household in a small town in southern Illinois. He met his wife, Donna, at junior college. They both fell in love and have been married for over 30 years. Kent and Donna were blessed with two sons, Kullen and  Devin.

Kent went on to complete two graduate degree programs and has built a career in manufacturing automotive, safety and commercial construction products. The nature of his work entailed the family moving between Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee. 

Kent has always been a doting father who put his children first. Be it sports practices or family vacations, Donna and he wanted the children to live their best lives. With Devin’s arrival, they were equipped with all the knowledge and resources to help him through his medical conditions. 

Life has not always been gracious. Kent and Donna underwent the loss of their mothers,  Donna’s grandmother, and their son, Devin, all over 5 years. But the family showed unwavering strength through trials and tribulations with strong faith. Currently, they live by a lake in southern Illinois and are active members of their local church. 

The incredible story of Devin’s life is bound to make you feel inspired, no matter how difficult your situation may be, to lend a hand, to uplift anyone coping through such struggle. Grab your copy of Devin’s Life on the Spectrum in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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