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Notion Press presents to you a man, a talking gecko and conversations about life

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Do Not Write Off The Least

Have you ever come across a talking gecko? One that sounds an awful lot like your subconscious? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents to you Do Not Write Off The Least by Alex Mathew – a book that explores the unseen possibilities that we could be a part of if we look beneath the surface.

We are used to routine and what is considered socially to be the norm. We are in short, used to ordinary things happening in a certain way. Even, if such things should occur in an unknown fashion we would be perplexed and, more often than not refuse to accept such happenings.

Because we are always seeking fulfillment in our existence and achieving something greater we fail to see what is right in front of us. There are answers to every aspect of our existence hidden beyond the ordinary if only we care to look deeper. And that’s the way we fulfill our existence.

So leaf through ages of conversations with a talking gecko that will urge you to indulge in reflection. Just grab your copy of this book on and other leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

About the author:

Lt. (Dr) Alex Mathew Ph.D., Th.D. is a consultant counselor who believes that in his profession ‘love’ has the top priority. He does not believe in analyzing, conditioning, programming and using people; neither does he consider or designate them as victims. At 84, his experience in counseling across three continents, for nearly half a century, has taught him that people everywhere and their problems are more or less of the same genre. he acquired a Diploma from International Institution of Counseling, Belgium, a Ph.D. from the USA and subsequently, a Th.D. from India to equip himself to be an effective counselor. He learned abiding lessons in compassionate, loving and caring gentleness in counseling from Europe, Africa, USA and India. This lead him to an unambiguous conclusion that no counseling takes place in an environment devoid of love.

His counseling produces miraculous results, healing and blessing all round. He has authored: Beyond Techniques, Making of a Christian Counsellor and Who Stole the Cookies besides scores of feature articles on counseling and its related subjects in many journals and magazines.

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