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Notion Press’ Latest looks past the mirage to narrate authentic women’s stories

When living in a large, fast-paced city like Dubai, everyone shares the metropolis mindset; walk and no talk. However, this has never been true for Dubai particularly as the city that is often high on diversity in terms of cultures and languages. Earlier a massive sandcastle, Dubai has emerged to be a leader in every possible sector and has built an impeccable reputation for itself in the world. Nonetheless, amidst the soaring skyscrapers that uplift the gleaming metropolis, it lays stories of adversities and undying determination of individuals who chose to build a home away from home. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Dubai Heights, portraying authentic expatriate stories in the City of Gold by Aditi Chakraborty.

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Dubai Heights by Aditi Chakraborty is a collection of four short stories revolving around four female protagonists, each with a story of their own, against the backdrop of a plush apartment complex in the heart of the city. These characters do not represent a certain individual or follow stereotypes; instead, they are complex entities who strive to take charge of defining their own destiny. For instance, Simona may remind you of certain women in your life, not just one, but a blend of many. On the other hand, we have Elaina who represents a myriad of opportunistic young women who endlessly chase the ecstasy of living the Dubai dream, a life of the rich and the famous. Other characters, like Lavanya and Priyanka, are the definition of individuals, whose deep-rooted insecurities have been etched into their psyche, pushing them to take unconventional steps under social pressure and away from family scrutiny.

What sets Dubai Heights apart from the numerous fictional narratives based in a luxurious metropolis is the fact that it authentically depicts the life of most expatriates who uprooted their lives away from home to build a better one for themselves, for their loved ones, for their children. Additionally, the book delves into narrating the story of conventional women who have dealt with life in the most exceptional way possible. Even as their actions and relationships may seem eccentric at times, they choose to do so as independent women in circumstances that offer them the chance to explore a medley of possibilities that they may not have ventured into while living in their homeland. Aditi Chakraborty aims to portray the complexity of contemporary living and transient societies that dissects every action into multiple interpretations, and hence, establishes a continuous process that is hauntingly real in life.

Dubai Heights author Aditi Chakraborty is a storyteller who remarkably paints a captivating narrative. Coupled with her undying passion to travel and meet new personalities, her journey of life has collectively shaped her thoughts that are often expressed vividly in her writing. Dubai Heights being her debut fiction, Chakraborty has worked in the media, lifestyle and education industries across various cities in India and abroad. She holds a degree from FORE School of Management and Nottingham Trent University. Chakraborty is an avid reader and loves to indulge herself in painting and selflessly volunteering for animal shelters.

Dubai Heights by Aditi Chakraborty is an engaging page-turner that unfolds multiple stories against the backdrop of a bustling city that tempts fate and rewrites the layered and fragmented lives of regular people who moved to the Emirates in search of opportunities. Grab your copy of Dubai Heights in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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