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Notion Press’ Latest Adds Variety and Zing to Your Plate

Any dish made with love is perfect. But sometimes a good recipe  helps too” 

Somedays, it can be difficult to think of something new to cook. You want to break away from  your cooking routine and have a scrumptious meal, but it can be a tiresome process to find a  good recipe that only requires local ingredients. What do you do then? 

A Cookbook is the answer! Cookbooks might sound alien to someone who follows step-by-step  videos online but this might be just what you need. Unlike popular belief, cookbooks provide  detailed, tried-and-tested recipes. They also explain the history of a dish so that you are fully  aware of what you are making. 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Flavours Across Our Borders by  Kshama Chandra, Renu Rajesh and Richa Rajesh; a book that consists of the best recipes from  around the world that can be recreated with local ingredients in the comfort of your kitchen.   

With recipes like Shredded Potato in Hot Garlic Sauce, Basque Toast, Vietnamese toast and  many more that sound like a treat to the taste buds, the authors cover vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. 

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Flavours Across Our Borders

The recipes in the book are divided based on cuisine, making it easier for you to find the recipe  of your choice. Some are the most popular recipes that are part of English, French, Swiss,  Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese and selected popular Middle Eastern cuisines. 

This book came together after the authors have personally tasted authentic flavours abroad,  carefully observing the latest videos of almost all the recipes to ensure that the regional  variations in ingredients and methods are noted accurately. This process during the initial 

stages also helped the authors rediscover the contemporary take without losing its  authenticity. Each dish was cooked multiple times to finalize a recipe that worked best before it  was included in the book. 

The authors of Flavours Across Our Borders believe that this collaboration of recipes from  around the world, which also gained popularity across India, is perfect for family meals,  occasions and while hosting guests. 

Author Richa Rajesh is a lawyer practising since November 2012. She lives in Gurgaon, is an avid  reader and has written on a whole host of subjects on food, travel and children’s education in  the past. Having been a cooking enthusiast since her college days, she has always been inspired  by her mother’s and aunt’s recipes to pen a series of cookbooks. 

Author Renu Rajesh was born in Patna and got married in her late teens. She lived with her  husband in cities across India including Kolkata, New Delhi, Mangalore, Mumbai and has  travelled abroad. She is settled in Gurgaon. 

Author Kshama Chandra was born in Jhansi but grew up in Mumbai. She was already an  exemplary cook when she got married soon after her matriculation. She had learned everything  from her mother who was an accomplished lady in her time. She lives in New Delhi. 

Grab your copy of the first instalment Flavours Across Our Borders by Richa Rajesh, Renu  Rajesh and Kshama Chandra in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and  amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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