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Notion Press Presents- Matter, Life, and Spirit Demystified by Vigyan Mitra

Human existence is a wondrous experience. However, it hides a lot more into the layers of its interior than what can be seen on the exterior, to a naked eye. Biologists and medical science are able to see and probe deeper, but that may not be enough as well. They probe things keeping on the outside. However, humans are not just bodies, but also minds. Philosophy probes both man and the world from inside, and knowledge of even deeper layers are available with some of the philosophical schools, also backed by experiment. It may be time that knowledge of both kinds is brought together. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Matter, Life, and Spirit Demystified by Vigyan Mitra, a book that aims to provide comprehensive answers to all the ultimate questions of human life.

Matter, Life, and Spirit Demystified is an effort to bring the East and the West together, on the same page, by a sort of nuptials between Indian philosophy and Western knowledge that is divided into science and the ‘supernatural’. The latter is also in the ‘verified’ category, but there is a lack of a will or the courage to accept. Knowledge of all the various kinds that may be concerned with the human existence and the mysteries associated therewith have been discussed in the book at sufficient length and in a meaningful way.

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Matter Life & Spirit Demystified

The book is divided into 3 major sections. Knowledge of science is covered in the first section, Matter and Life. Western knowledge about the supernatural is covered in the second section, The Gross and the Subtle, and the Indian philosophical system and its theories have been explained in the third section, From Awareness to Matter and Back. An effort has been made to tie the triad of the three kinds of knowledge with a common thread with an aim to bring it all on the same page as a newly updated philosophy.

The book is primarily based on the Trika philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. An important element of the Shaivite Trika theology is the use of several triads in its theological explanation of the absolute reality in its manifest aspect. The book aims to show, how physics, chemistry and biology arise naturally from this philosophy of the Triad. It also draws parallels from different walks of the world to enable an easy understanding to develop naturally.

Author Vigyan Mitra retired as the chief executive of a fair-sized company with industrial operations. He developed an interest in spiritual subjects early in life and has researched the field extensively. He likes to live in prayer and seclusion now. His deep personal insights have helped him to create this unique compendium of Indian philosophy that no other book can claim to match.

Matter, Life & Spirit Demystifies is now available in Paperback and Hardbound formats across all e-commerce channels including Amazon, Flipkart and the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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