NP Recommends Week #30 – Build an Author Brand

Building an author brand is one of the most important steps in your journey to make your book a bestseller. How you package and present yourself to the audience is called branding, which is an essential component in marketing. You could be writing a Non-fiction book about finance or even a poetry book about love but you would still require an author brand to help you market your book. 

So this week on NP Recommends our editors have handpicked one of our best books on Personal Branding written by Anand Tamboli and Amit Danglé. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep.


You 3.0

Anand Tamboli, Amit Danglé

As an author, gaining visibility and staying relevant are the stepping stones to becoming a bestseller, but this isn’t an easy task. Our authors Amit Danglé and Anand Tamboli show you the key concepts of personal branding by taking you on a path of self-discovery. Click here to unlock You 3.0 and become a bestseller.


We hope you enjoyed this book! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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