writing spots

9 Cafes and Spots in Bangalore Ideal for a Writer

We hope you loved reading our previous blog on “9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer.” Yes, just like our city-wise book clubs series, we are going to bring to you city-wise list of cafes and spots that will be ideal for writers. No matter whether you are going to write or catch up with your city’s literary circle, these cafes and places are just perfect. We have ...

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reasons author need social media

9 Reasons Self-publishing Authors need Social Media

Social media has transformed our lifestyles to a great extent. Do you know that we, young adults, spend almost 4-5 hours on our smartphones? Writing, by itself, is a Herculean task; even if your creativity flows without any obstacles and your writing is flawless, you will still need many more traits to transform your idea into a best-selling novel.These days, from editing to publishing and marketing to distribution, everything can ...

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build author websites

Why and How to Build an Author’s Website?

These days, with more and more people being online, it is crucial for authors to have a good online presence. One of the key features that accentuates their online presence is an author website. Previously, readers used to visit libraries, bookstores, be a part of offline/local book clubs, etc., and that is how they get updated about the new books on the market. However, in the recent times, selection, purchase, ...

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How to research for your novel

An Effective Guide On How To Research For A Novel

One of the biggest questions that every aspiring author has is, “How can I effectively research for my novel?” The answer to this question holds the secret to what makes a writer an author. One of the things that many writers say is,"I have a fantastic concept, but I have no idea how to develop it."If you are someone who thinks on these lines, then this blog is for you. There ...

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Jasmeet Chhabra

Author Spotlight: Jasmeet Chhabra – Norman Pinglepop

Jasmeet Chhabra continues to be passionate about his private equity investment career, and yet finds solace and sanity in his writings. Distinct from the writings on his professional calling, real estate, in leading mainline dailies and journals, his parallel fiction, an inquiry into the nature and evolution of the human thinking and beliefs, is often an imaginative journey through characters that are in effect each one of us jumping from one time ...

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