Kanta Bhai Pvt Ltd

Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd- NP recommends

Title: Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd Author: Payal Mittal Talwar Genre: Biography Attention all Kanta Bai(s) a.k.a. mommies, next-door-aunties, cousins, or anyone who is a working stay-at-home mother or father. Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd is the revelation you have ...

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NP Recommends – Why we love Management by Duffers

There are moments in office when we feel like killing our bosses, right? No, don’t deny it. We aren't suggesting that you do. That said, whenever you do feel that way, we hope you pick ...

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Mission, Vision and Bullshit

Mission, Vision and Bullshit- NP Recommends

Book: Mission, Vision and Bullshit Author Name: Y.G.Nash Genre: Humor, Office Humor Mission, Vision and Bullshit is a book that reveals the inner workings of corporates in a humorous and sarcastic light, making it a guidebook of sorts for the uninitiated. The ...

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Can I Have a Chocolate Milkshake? NP Recommends

Title: Can I Have a Chocolate Milkshake? Author: Rajat Mishra Genre: Autobiography, Adventure Can I Have a Chocolate Milkshake? is an inspirational autobiographical tale by Rajat Mishra. Siddhant suffers a devastating accident but remains calm and composed when ...

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Seasoned For Family and Friends-NP Recommends

Title: ‘Seasoned‘ for Family and Friends Author: Morvarid Fernandez Genre: Cooking, Food, & Wine Seasoned for Family and Friends by Morvarid Fernandez is a book of simple, easy-to-read, and easy-to-make recipes. The book contains recipes from across the globe, including a ...

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Kéérook- NP Recommends

Title: Kéérook and Other Stories from North East India Author: Group Captain Mohonto Panging Genre: Adventure, Fiction An anthology of stories that brings to light the real North East India, this book does more than just story-telling. It ...

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