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Notion Press’ Latest is a vivid portrayal of love and its intense dynamics

Poetry is not just a thing of the Shakespearean past. Rather, it is one of the most beautiful forms of literature and a profound way to express the human spirit as it encounters love, pain, ...

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Notion Press’ Latest follows an unconventional family set against a unique backdrop

What better way to unwind after a tension-filled evening around the dinner table than by reading a book about a family that's way more eccentric than your own? Take solace in the fact that you're ...

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NP Recommends Week #13 – Best of Fiction

How is the lockdown going for you? Over the last few months in our segment, NP Recommends, we have explored some great books by Indie Authors. In case you missed them, click here. This week our ...

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Notion Press Presents- Storm Cloud At The Back Of My Mind

It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet so empty. It is your emotions that make you human. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Storm Clouds At The Back of My ...

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NP Recommends Week #12 – Time to Level Up

Hope you and your family are keeping safe. The one thing that the lockdown has provided us with, is time. This is an amazing time to upgrade your skills or learn something new. So this ...

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Yes I Am A Politician Banner

Notion Press’ Latest is the Ultimate Guide for every Future and Current Politician

“The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have inside them.” It is no secret that great leaders read books, ...

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