Five Things Every First-Time Author Should Know

Congratulations! It’s wonderful that you have decided to write a book. Writing is unlike other careers, as one usually does not pursue it for money or fame. One chooses to become an author, for it ...

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how to wite a novel

How to Write a Novel – The Definitive Guide

Do you have loads of interesting stories to tell and a way with words? If so, you’ve already crossed two of the biggest hurdles on your road to becoming an author. If you’re passionate about ...

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best humour books

Humour Novels You Need to Read

  Laughter is and will always be the best medicine. No matter the source of laughter, those few minutes of blissful euphoria are something to cherish. Books have long been a very power source of laughter; ...

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book launch

What is a Book Launch and How Does it Help Market Your Book

  This is it! It’s the most exciting day in your life and career as an author. After months, even years of writing the manuscript, it now rests in the palm of your hand. What do ...

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book cafe in delhi

9 Cafés and Spots in Delhi Ideal for a Writer

We writers are complex artists. We get inspired by the vibrant and colourful world around us and find ways to creatively convert that energy into the black-and-white world of text on paper. For some writers, ...

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best thriller novels to read

9 Thriller Novels You Must Read

  Fiction novels have that innate ability to drag you into their world of fictitious reality. Every time you snug yourself in for a read, you get that tingling feeling of actually being inside the novel’s ...

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