NP Recommends Week #19 – Short & Sweet

How have you been? We have all the time in the world, but indulging in something such as a short story can be a transformative experience. Within a few pages, a story can put words ...

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Notion Press’ Latest illuminates the path to accomplishing your fullest potential

Writer Gretchen Rubin once said, “Self-awareness is a key to self-mastery.” This cannot be put into more clear-cut and straightforward words. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the fact that self-awareness is our key to unlock the doors ...

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Notion Press’ Latest illuminates the path to a healthy married life

Typically, getting married means making permanent room in your heart for your spouse, and committing to love, support, nurture, and defend your partner through thick and thin, for better and for worse, for the rest ...

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NP Recommends Week #18 – Art in Conversation

Hope you and your family have been keeping safe? Poetry and visual art have always worked well together in enhancing the reader’s experience, helping to develop engagement and understanding. Illustrations can help bridge the gaps ...

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Notion Press Presents- Break The Curse

No matter what kind of obstacles you’re dealing with, be it financial, personal or physical, there is always a way to determine if you’re under a curse and learn how to break that curse. Notion ...

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Notion Press Press Presents- Chrysalis: Hatch to Soar

Poetry is that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does. Writing poetry is a passion, ignited by thoughts, fuelled by ink. ...

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