Guide to Editing a Nonfiction Book

“The writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.” Dr Seuss   Nonfiction usually begins with an epic idea that flows unimpeded from your mind. You write pages ...

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The Unsaid Banner

Notion Press Presents A Look Into The Mind in the form of Verses – The Unsaid

There is a beauty found in poetry that cannot be seen anywhere else. The way the words flow the nuances of the language entwined with each line, the emotion held in each verse. Yet, perhaps ...

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A Murder on Loan Banner

Notion Press Present A Murder on Loan by Pramod Grover

                                        “It strikes me profoundly that the world is more often than not a bad and ...

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Sacred Projections Banner

Notion Press’ Latest is a Path to Discovering Sacredness Within Yourself

“Strive to become intimately aware of this potential within yourself,  acknowledge it, harness it, let it reverberate within your innermost being, allow it to transform you from the inside out. And watch how the projection ...

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Don’t be afraid of Mars Dosha Banner

Notion Press’ Latest is a Compendium on Mars Dosha

Are you someone who has been trying to get married for some time now? Do the alignments of your planets leave you exasperated? Or are you simply an astrology enthusiast hoping to widen your horizons ...

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Indian Culture Banner

Notion Press’s Latest Book Discusses Incredible India In All Its Glory

India comprises confetti of emotions through diverse landscapes, traditions, customs and cultures. With every inch that you dig deeper in her heart, a kaleidoscope of colours flow through her veins, spreading love and happiness everywhere. ...

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