how to write a book

How To Write A Book Series

As a writer of fiction, you know you’ll know how to write a book that can incorporate the thousands of ideas stuck in your head. The urge to tell more stories never ends, even after ...

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best thriller novels to read

How to Write a Horror Novel

  Here’s the ironic thing about horror novels: They are actually fun to read and even more so to write. Thinking up ideas for hair-raising scares and grotesque plot points may be easy but the tricky ...

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habit of reading books

How to Inculcate the Habit of Reading in Children

  The excitement of sitting on grandpa's lap and listening to his age-old stories is something that will live long in your memory. Today’s generation of kids have so many resources available at hand when it ...

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formatting a book

The Handy Guide to Format Your Book

Completing your book is a euphoric feeling. It feels good to see months of writing and re-writing finally set into place as one complete novel. Hold your horses though, as there is still one herculean ...

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bedtime story books

Top 9 Bedtime Stories You Must Read to Your Child

As a child, didn't you love it when your parents tucked you into bed, read you a book and kissed you goodnight? Reading a nice book to your child ensures they get a sound sleep ...

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pulitzer prize winning books

Pulitzer prize winning books you must read

Honouring excellence in journalism, arts, fiction and novel writing, the Pulitzer Prize is a recognition that American authors aim for. Renowned internationally for its success and significance in the literary circle, many critically acclaimed authors ...

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