how to get inspiration to write

Ways To Get Inspired For Your Next Novel

  One of the biggest strengths a writer has is the ability to ideate. You may be simply sitting in a corner and staring into space when an idea floats by into your head, and soon ...

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book cafes

9 Cafes and Spots in Hyderabad Ideal for a Writer

  Do you sometimes find yourself completely devoid of ideas to write a good story? If so, you’re not alone in the world of authors. Writers’ block can be tough to handle; thankfully there are multitudes ...

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literary events

Literary Events Across India You Cannot Miss!

It’s time to celebrate what you love! Writing, storytelling sessions, digital marketing, poetry sessions – anything and everything related to the world of literature! While it was extremely difficult to narrow it down from the plethora ...

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Seven Things One Should Know About Self-Publishing

  This activity is a bucket list staple. Most people hope to achieve this at some point in their lives. Statistics show that 80% of people in the USA want to write a book, but only ...

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write an engaging blog

Five Things Every First-Time Author Should Know

Congratulations! It’s wonderful that you have decided to write a book. Writing is unlike other careers, as one usually does not pursue it for money or fame. One chooses to become an author, for it ...

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how to wite a novel

How to Write a Novel – The Definitive Guide

How to write a novel- The Definitive Guide Do you have loads of interesting stories to tell and a way with words? If so, you’ve already crossed two of the biggest hurdles on your road to ...

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