chennai book clubs

Chennai Book Clubs every Bookworm should join

Do you love books? Imagine sitting in a group, sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea and having a discussion about your favorite books. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, this dream is possible. ...

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publishing industry


In India, the land of epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabaratha, there is no shortage of stories. With the art of storytelling rooted in our tradition, it is not surprising that we are the ...

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How to write

How to write when you don’t Feel Like Writing

“Just ten more minutes and I’ll definitely start writing, I swear!” said my writer-friend when I pushed him to complete his sixth chapter. I texted him thirty minutes later and he replied stating that his ...

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struggles of a struggling author

Struggles of a struggling Author

Writing is not a day job, that you can finish and get paid by the month end. It is a journey. From conceiving the idea to publishing the book, an author goes through a lot. ...

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writing rituals

Crazy Rituals of Famous Authors

Famous authors are not only famous for their bestselling novels, but also for their wit, knowledge, passion, and various other skills. One of such various other skills is having notoriously crazy writing rituals. From Victor ...

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book's metadata

How to Optimize your Book’s Metadata for better Sales

  Of late, we've all been creative to attract potential readers towards our book and get them to buy it. But, on this post, we'll try to do something different “ something more technical. Moving away ...

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