promote book

5 Ways Authors can use Goodreads to promote their Book

For the uninitiated, Goodreads is like LinkedIn for authors and readers. It has millions of users accessing from across the world and it's one of the best platforms you can use to reach out to ...

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how to write a romance-fiction

6 Tips to Write a Bestselling Romance Novel

Love is a universal feeling that transcends regions, boundaries, languages, ethnicity, and now even gender. It's the feel that everyone, throughout the world, can relate to. Perhaps, that's the reason why romance-fiction is one of ...

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structure your story

A Definitive guide to structuring your story

Check out some of the fiction books lying in your bookshelf and you'll see that every story has a definite, basic structure to it. Structure is the building block for your story, without which your ...

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Cliches to Avoid while Writing

Cliches to Avoid While Writing

Let's come to terms with reality, readers no longer like to read stuff that has been washed, rinsed, and soaked n number of times. Readers are looking for something new to read; something that'll enchant ...

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write an engaging blog

Surefire Tips to Writing an Engaging Blog Post

Remember we mentioned that having a website or a blog is one of the most essential things to building an author platform? If yes, have you created a blog for yourself? If it's a yes ...

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how to find influencers

Finding Influencers among your Target audience

Marketing to the right target audience is the most rewarding part of marketing your book. But focusing deeper into the target audience to find influences among them can be much more fruitful. how to find influencers? Once ...

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