writing a book dedication

Writing a Book Dedication

So, you're finally done writing your book and copy editing it as well. Cheers to that. Now, all you need to do is take care of things that would add more value to you, as ...

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Book Cover-design Tips

Book Cover-Design Inspiration

Our last post covered some of the basics on designing an effective book cover and this post will explore the aspects of designing a book-cover further. Here's some inspiration for Book Cover-Design: Book Cover-design: How to do ...

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tips for writing

Writing for an Audience

So, you've decided the topic or a theme you want to write about, haven't you? When you're sure of what you're going to write, you've to now think about your target audience. Sounds like a ...

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Writing Fiction Using Snowflake Method

  This is going to be a bit of a lengthy post. So, let's get things straight. Snowflake approach to writing a novel was conceived by Randy Ingermanson, an award-winning author. In this approach, you design your ...

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what is writer's block

What is Writer’s Block and How to fight it?

  If you've been staring at your monitor for a really long time trying to write something, you're suffering from what writers call a writer's block. It is something that every writer goes through while writing. ...

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importance of proofreading

The Importance of Proofreading

Contrary to what writers thing, proofreading is not an add on process for writing. It is an impotent step that allows you too go back to what ever you've written, read every line of youre ...

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