book printing

How are Books Printed?

If you've decided to self-publish your book, you must know all the aspects of self-publishing. By all aspects, I mean from ideation to marketing and promoting your books. And knowing how your books are printed ...

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selling ebooks

How to Sell Ebooks

As an author, it is wise to tap into all sorts of resources to market, promote, and sell your ebook. Selling an ebook online is no longer a tedious task and you should be able ...

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Copyrights Registration

What You Need to Know about Copyrights Registration

As an author, today's technological advancements may both intrigue you and scare you. Intrigue because publishing your book in the market and taking your content to your target audience is way easier than it used ...

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write cover copy

Writing a captivating Cover Copy

The importance of an attractive cover design cannot be overstated. The cover design will attract the reader to pick up your book from the stand. However, the next thing they will do is flip it ...

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book's subtitles

A Subtitle for your Book: Is it Necessary?

How many times has it happened to you that you picked up a book, read the title, felt hesitant on buying it, and decided to go for it after reading the book's subtitle? Quite often, ...

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copy editing tips

Essential Copyediting Tips

It is really hard to put into words the importance of copyediting. Besides, there are a very few writers in this world who could write an error-free draft the first time. If you're sure you're ...

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