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Notion Press Presents- Temet Nosce By Mustafa Mun

‘’Life is too ironic to understand completely. It takes pain to understand happiness. It takes noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. ‘’                                   


As essential as this quote is to understanding life, when you begin to understand yourself, you complete half the journey to understanding life itself. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Temet Nosce by Mustafa Mun, a collection of heartfelt poetry here to fill you with warmth. 

Temet Nosce which translates to Know Thyself is a collection of poetry that the author had written while he was pondering in deep thoughts about life and its philosophies.

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Temet Nosce

The sole purpose of writing Temet Nosce is to understand the intricacies and the ups and downs of life that are inevitable to any human being. Filled with various emotions and circumstances, life is a test of time that teaches you several valuable lessons. But do you always have to learn these lessons the hard way around? What if poetry, literature and romance alone could give you a deep understanding of your purpose of being and a larger understanding of the world around you? This book is a humble attempt to understanding life in its purest essence, to wonder, to nurture, to cherish and to love.

Dr Mustafa Mun is a Clinical Psychologist from Mumbai, India and has a passion for writing and understanding human behaviour. Mustafa has a natural talent in writing and has developed writing as a hobby along with managing his family business of manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics and clinical research. 

Temet Nosce by Mustafa Mun is now available on Amazon and on the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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