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Notion Press Presents The Billionaire and The Monk by Vibhor Kumar Singh

We work so hard to have it all: a beautiful home, a loving partner, a successful job and so much more. But what happens when these successes don’t equal to true happiness in our lives and we’re left feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and unhappy? How do we get onto the road that leads to happiness?

The greatest wisdom is often found in the simplest knowledge.  Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- The Billionaire and The Monk by Vibhor Kumar Singh, a simple story on finding extraordinary happiness in life.

What if you learn that everything you have been taught about happiness is false? What if you realise that happiness is not a goal and therefore it cannot be achieved? What if you discover that it is the ordinary path that leads to the extraordinary treasure?

While most people tend to associate happiness with achievement, happiness arises spontaneously when you love the process. Passions are about how you live your life and goals are about what you chose to create in your life.

The Billionaire and The Monk is a story about how two men from different walks of life learn that neither robes of honour nor the total renunciation of worldly life is a required to enjoy the most fundamental human desire – Happiness.

It is a story about understanding that happiness is not a philosophical enigma but an attainable state of the mind and how you can cherish the greatest joys through the simplest and smallest acts in your daily lives.
It is a story about finding the extraordinary answer to an ordinary question: Are You Happy?

Vibhor Kumar Singh grew up in the hill town of Nainital in the Indian Himalayas. He is a stock market professional. He was schooled at Sherwood College and is also a Shri Ram College of Commerce and a London School of Economics and Political Science alumnus. He lives with his two children, wife and mother in Noida. He loves Chai, History and Bollywood films. This is his first book.

Through his book, author Vibhor ascertains happiness as experiencing a state of deep inner fulfilment that comes from a profound connection with yourself. You can now get your copy of The Billionaire and The Monk on the Notion Press Online Store!

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