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Notion Press’ newest book reveals the art of leading a blissful life

India’s leading self-publishing platform Notion Press is all set to release ‘The Root Cause; Ayurveda, Astrology and Beyond for a Blissful Life’. Written by Capt. Alok Jain who served in the Indian army as a Short Service Commissioned Officer, the book explores the connection between contemporary science and various fields of Vedic science including Ayurveda and Ashtang Yoga.

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After completing his graduation in Botany, Alok served in the army and during his civil stint, he worked for various organizations managing infrastructure, facilities, procurement, health, and safety. Such soul-stirring experiences pushed him to go beyond the mundane for it made him realize that Vedic science is nothing but a user manual gifted by higher world to become truly spiritual and healthy.

In his book, ‘The Root Cause’, Alok informs us that the primary objective of Ayurveda is not to cure but to ensure that people never fall sick, and always stay healthy and happy. The book further talks about the science behind basic principles of Ayurveda including three fundamental forces on which our human mind and body work and how different foods affect these forces in various parts of our body, proving ‘we are what we eat’.

‘The Root Cause also speaks on how absence of disease does not necessarily mean good health, how modern medicine and consumption of superfoods cause chaos and misery, how science and spirituality are closely connected, how eating and offering right food is foremost Karma, how every choice we make either invokes God or devil inside us,’ says Alok.

The book gradually moves from Ayurveda to occult science, explaining Astrology – another discipline of Vedic Science – is an outcome of Ayurveda, how Astrology can show us that we live in a simulated world, referred in Vedas as Maya; illusion. It guides how principles of Vedic science be utilized to transform this world from chaos to ultimate bliss. Alok advises all – especially the young – to learn and implement Vedic sciences in their lives.

Offering her praise for ‘The Root Cause’, Dr. Madhuri Patil, B.A.M.S. (Ayurvedacharya), MD (Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhant), says, ‘The Root Cause is not just a book but a guide towards complete holistic wellbeing in a very short format for everyone to gain knowledge and modulate oneself to be a better being in the scheme of this universe.’

Wishing to lead a blissful life? Then go grab your copies of ‘The Root Cause’ from or Amazon.

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