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Notion Press’ Latest explores a love extraordinaire and its despair!

“The most terrible loneliness is in loving someone completely, deeply, and without reserve; and knowing that you’re not loved that way in return.”
Despite having a population of over a billion people and being home to a multitude of individuals who do not follow a traditional heteronormative life, India has often been a place where the LGBTQIA+ community are still largely marginalized and mistreated.

Even when popular authors have mustered up the courage to pen stories surrounding these people, and completely against the normal tide, these tales have been accepted by most. They have been highly appreciated by the community as well. We have seen the slow, yet steady, change over the years as Indian authors have been telling these unique stories with incredible creativity and great sensitivity.
Nevertheless, there is still a lack of such literature that portrays the life, the love and the hardships that such people have to go through in life to merely be with the one they love.

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents The Silence of Souls by Suhail Malik, a compelling and enchanting narrative that evokes a sense of empathy as it unravels the life of queer folk in India.

The Silence of Souls explores the frayed romantic relationship between a professor and his student. Ramesh has been a professor at his current university for the past 15 years and lives alone with his own little secret. The story begins with the Professor developing feelings for one of his students, Arjun, and ultimately, falls head over heels for him.
On the other hand, Arjun, rather devilishly handsome and intelligent, reciprocates the feelings and gets involved in a secret affair with the Professor.

As the story progresses, their work and capacities take them to the next level, thereby changing their way of love, thoughts, and handling several circumstances in life. Slowly, they find it difficult to live with each other, and they choose to part ways.
However, the plot thickens when a beautiful girl, Harleen, enters Arjun’s life and changes the pace of the narrative!

Author Suhail Malik was born and raised amid the gorgeousness of Kupwara Kashmir. He believes that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and truly believes that if you haven’t loved; you haven’t lived!
Malik studied in the Central University of Rajasthan and has worked as an independent researcher in Lean Accounting, Agri-Finance, Cashless Economy and Health Insurance. All of his works have been internationally and nationally recognized and published in several journals. Currently, Malik has been actively involved in the business and entrepreneur sector.
Malik loves writing poems, painting and seeking innovations related to developing his work during his free time. He indulges in the calmness and the coolness that comes along with light music, ghazals, and Mevlana Rumi poems whenever possible. The Silence of Souls is his debut novel, and Malik hopes that it connects with the readers on a deeper note.
Grab your copy of The Silence of Souls by Suhail Malik in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore, and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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