paris book festival

Authors journey from self publishing to being mentioned in Paris Book Festival

The Paris Book Festival 2016 happened not so long ago and among books written by some of the greatest writers in the world, A Middle Class Dream, a book penned by an Indian settled abroad, namely, Kamlesh Thakur, was one of the noteworthy honourable mentions.

The story of a boy raised in a typical Indian family in Mumbai and later in Chennai, this book deals with the struggles typical for many. When most people give in to the fact that caste determines one’s life, this protagonist sheds the social shadow and stands up to all those in favour of a caste conscious society.
A Middle Class Dream is a must read for those who would love to imagine that, one day, the Indian society will be free from the steel grips of caste and move to progressive thinking.

Check out all the winners and other honourable mentions at the Paris Book Festival here:

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