The Ultimate Guide to Effectively Creating Your Unique Author Brand

“Personal branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.

Creating your own personal brand can be an incredibly intimidating task. As an author, it is essential, now more than ever, to create a positive, upbeat, and engaging image that can market your book for you. The internet is filled with a great deal of information on this and we understand that it is easy for you to lose your way without even realizing where to start when it comes to personal branding.


We live in an age where it isn’t enough to just be great at what you write. You must be able to communicate your vision and the purpose behind your book effortlessly and voice its importance to your desired readers clearly. 


Research depicts the fact that the human mind has a natural reception towards storytelling, and that stories are over 20 times more memorable than information presented in a factual format. Brand Storytelling is a way of sharing your book/company’s story to connect with your audience. It is an in-depth story of how your book came into being and what your goal is an author.

With the right mix of branding fundamentals and your ability to create an intriguing, emotional, and well-crafted brand story, you, as an author, can expertly build an unforgettable and meaningful author brand that will resonate with your audiences, while subsequently reflecting well in your sales. 


Simply put, your book rechristens itself with your name and face, emerging as a real and distinctive narrative, unlike other generic authors. 


Well, how do I figure all this out by myself, you ask?
You 3.0 is the answer

According to authors Anand Tamboli and Amit Dangle, who have worked on growing several  Fortune 500 brands, developing and implementing an effective author brand would demand a certain level of introspection and soul-searching. Their book YOU 3.0 provides insights on staying relevant and surviving the harshest of storms. This book delves into explaining proven strategies for achieving your goals with self-discovery and personal branding. 


More importantly, it handholds you while amplifying your original persona for everybody’s benefit, explains why visibility is the new norm, and how to regain control over attracting favourable decisions. It also informs you when it’s appropriate to go against the norms. 


The following fact stays true for most professions; many individuals remain frustrated throughout their careers. They live with unfulfilled dreams just because they remain obscure, and because they can’t create necessary distinction. Well, then don’t be “most people”! 


You have chosen this path to write and be read. Ultimately, it is the uniqueness of your Author Brand that will earn you book sales and other opportunities to advance in your writing career. 


So, go ahead, upgrade yourself, stand out, and wear your distinctiveness as a badge of honour, and grab your copy of YOU 3.0 by Anand Tamboli and Amit Dangle in print and e-book formats.


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