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Notion Press’ Latest is a Heartwarming Father-Son Tale of Love and Promise!

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he  meant to be.” 

Pop culture has always portrayed fathers as the bumbling parent. They can’t emotionally connect with their children, a magical trait that mothers were apparently blessed with.  However, this is far from the truth.  

A father-son relationship is complicated; it’s beautiful and emotional, sometimes terrifying but most often, simply joyful and comforting, along with everything else you can possibly imagine it to be.  

If you’re tired of the overly simplistic and one-dimensional portrayal of fathers, there’s good news – the literature world is writing complicated and dynamic narratives of fatherhood. 

While some books are rueful meditations on the father-son relationship, other books and literary forms have explored the hilarious take on parenting misadventures featuring The Dads.  This shows us that, no matter the tone of the story and the type of characters depicted, there’s no fixed pattern that these relationships follow. In fact, there are a billion different ways.  

Why You Loved Me?
Why You Loved Me?

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Why You Loved Me by Dr. Saket  Sourav, a poignant tale on how a father-son relationship unfolds the profound emotions underplaying the lives of two people torn between mind and heart. 

Ask yourself – have you ever felt true love? Experienced bliss when someone loves you with a huge heart and enormous emotions? Now, imagine, if you weren’t allowed to develop feelings for them as restricted by your own father – what would you do? Will you chase newfound love or keep your father’s promise?

Why You Loved Me unfolds the story of Aadi in that exact situation. His life turns upside down when Shreya walks in like a breath of fresh air.  

Her love for him made him a stronger person. It gave him a cause to face adverse conditions in life with determination. Aadi knows that she is The One. But he can’t tell her! 

Aadi is bound to his father’s promise – to never let love weaken him. Unable to say a yes or a  no to Shreya, Aadi finds himself emotionally tormented and torn. Will he forgo true love for his own father? Only time and destiny can tell! 

Author Dr Saket Sourav is an Orthopedic Surgeon working at Coal India Limited in Jharkhand.  He loves to read and write fictional stories as it transports him to a different world with a  different life. Dr Sourav is enamoured by the power of imagination and its capabilities, which brings out a variety of emotions within him. This makes him experience the magic of life.  Writing stories is also his favourite stress-buster in his otherwise hectic life.  

Why You Loved Me is Dr Sourav’s second book with four more in the pipeline!  

Grab your copy of Why You Loved Me by Dr Saket Sourav in print and e-book format at the  Notion Press Bookstore and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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