By Dr.Anjutha Ranganathan in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 716 | পছন্দ: 1
for, i'm here not 'cause of you i'm here  'cause of me. for, i've come this far all my myself. and, i will continue to go  far.. all by myself too. 'cause of my strenous  efforts, sleepless nights and labour. so don't bother much.   she doesn't need ya or your damn opinions. &nb  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Little Gestures Matter the Most !
By Kargila Ranganathan in True Story | পড়ার জন্য : 716 | পছন্দ: 6
Every morning, I used to take an auto to work. Just like the new day, it used to be a different auto and different driver every other day. Therefore, after completing my ride, never have I failed to confess my gratitude to the driver. Isn’t it my duty to pay the driver for his service?Similarl  বেশি পড়ুন...
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By chandni kaur in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 715 | পছন্দ: 1
                       कितनी रातों से मानो वो सोए नहीं  कितने महीनों से घर वो गये नहीं    हमें तो अपने घ  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Life and corona
By Ashu Sharma in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 715 | পছন্দ: 6
Not to ask the visitors in  Is not the part of our culture  To while time away stretching out whole day Is not in our nature   A small virus corona has disrupted the life  Working from home brought close husband and wife  Human race is afraid of knocking the tiny virus   বেশি পড়ুন...
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By Shantanoo Mishra in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 714 | পছন্দ: 0
शाम के कोने से धीमी आवाज़ ने दस्तक दी ढलते सूरज में नई खुशबू सी फैली समय का मन रुकने का हो रहा है पंछियों को यही मंज़र क  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Never Again - A Sonnet
By Sowmya Sri Rathnakumar in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 714 | পছন্দ: 1
Once, I was buried in the darkness created by my demons. Unforeseen, you came to my salvation like a ray of light!! You held out your hand and pulled me out harder. Above the darkness and cold, there was light and beauty. You raised a wall with its roots set deep in to the ground that made me strong  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Nature is Almighty
By swati in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 712 | পছন্দ: 4
It's 2050! The birds' chirping, greenery around Music of Nature, melodious sound Family doing yoga, Kitchen's green compound. Jim at once came with a book Pictures and incidents of past it hook, An era where human pace was so rapid Approach to Nature was not really sapid. How one day Nature took r  বেশি পড়ুন...
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The strength of my illness
By Ink and Colours in True Story | পড়ার জন্য : 712 | পছন্দ: 1
So ...it was 5th july, 2016. The Date which gives me goosebumps all over my body. The little girl was tied up and attached with the strings of a hospital, which we call it as a Ventilator. At the age of 15, i grew much  older to be a little courageous for the injections, but not that much of a   বেশি পড়ুন...
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Around the clock
By Abhay in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 712 | পছন্দ: 1
You are beautiful You are criminal You stole breath from my lungs You mark your name in my heart beat  My tears are running to check around you My breath loosing the heat Whenever I hear your voice  My heart stop its beating Your are killing me Your are bad for me So why do I feel eupho  বেশি পড়ুন...
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“कोरोना के कहर से मुक़ाबला करते हिंदुस्तान के शहर”
By Master Tulsi Gyaan in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 712 | পছন্দ: 1
चीन के वुहान शहर के गलियों से गुजरती हुई, देखते ही देखते यह बीमारी, महामारी बन गई,  महामारी का नाम “कोरोना वायरस&rdqu  বেশি পড়ুন...
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सोशल मीडिया पर अफवाहो का धंधा
By in General Literary | পড়ার জন্য : 711 | পছন্দ: 0
*सोशल मीडिया पर अफवाहो का धंधा* *By Arvind K Pandey* सोशल मीडिया पे मुझे अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर काम करते हुऐ लगभग बीस वर्षो से ऊ  বেশি পড়ুন...
প্রকাশিত হয়েছে Mar 29,2020 03:59 AM
बेहतर है लौकडाउन
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 710 | পছন্দ: 0
बेहतर है लौकडाउन क्यों घबरा रहे हैं लोग सोच के,फिर बढ़ा है लौकडाउनसमझने की बात है, हमारे स्वास्थ्य के लिए बेहतर है ल  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Please buddy keep it in your pocket
By Ompriya Behl in General Literary | পড়ার জন্য : 710 | পছন্দ: 3
Those unwanted touch those wanted comments please buddy keep it in your pocket In every street I walk , those eyes which try popping into my bra please buddy keep it in your pocket Every new dress I wear and try showing off, those looks that make me feel you shouldn’t show of your bo  বেশি পড়ুন...
প্রকাশিত হয়েছে Jun 14,2020 11:34 AM
Not always
By Trishita Dey in Poetry | পড়ার জন্য : 710 | পছন্দ: 6
Not always with breaking of bonds,  everything  gets over. Sometimes  the attachments  still remain  aight and sometimes  it stays exactly  the same. The feelings don't really die it just remain unexpressed  and hidden. The memories, the laughters, the thousan  বেশি পড়ুন...
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By subash in General Literary | পড়ার জন্য : 709 | পছন্দ: 1
"அவரது பெயர் காலங்கள் தோறும் நிலைத்து நிற்கும்" லண்டன் ஹைகேட்டில் 1883 மார்ச் 17 காரல் மார்க்ஸின் பூத உடலின் முன் ந  বেশি পড়ুন...
প্রকাশিত হয়েছে May 5,2020 03:25 PM