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A Leap to Christian Faith

Author Name: Christine D’sylva | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Take a giant leap to Christianity with this book. If you have no time for boring theological books then this book is meant for you.

Easy to read, with practical tips on walking with Christ everyday makes it a must for everyone to realize the power of God in our lives. Can miracles happen? This book demonstrates that indeed they can if you take this leap and start to believe. Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the masses”. But each day when we live in safety and relative comfort is more miraculous than any of us would give credit for. We only want life size affirmations that God is indeed present in our lives and looks after us.

Do you enjoy playing with Ouja boards and are drawn to tarot cards and astrology? Then perhaps you will be attracted to this book which negates any need for these props in our life.

Do you think you are the author of your own destiny? Then consider this, ‘Man proposes but God disposes’. This popular saying reiterates the power of God in our lives.

In this day of instant answers obtained by a touch of a button people can’t be bothered to pray and wait, they want instant solutions and answers. Faith is not like instant coffee, but is nurtured in ones heart and is slow to build up.

Christianity is a beautiful religion and deserves an explanation to clear common misconceptions and untruths.

Dan Brown and others may come and go with their theories and so called facts but Jesus Christ lives on forever.

So here is a challenge – read this book with childlike faith. Then watch the power of God working miracles in your life.


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Christine D’sylva

Christine D’Sylva Lives in Navi, Mumbai. A former teacher, she is now a full time Home Maker. She is a mother of three daughters and has a pet golden retriever called Rex.

She has travelled around the world but still loves India. Playing the piano is her most favourite hobby besides her love for reading (an insatiable reader who can’t resist a good book).

“I have been writing all my life” she says. As a child, scribbling poems and stories was a pastime.

Winning a prize in an essay competition at college made her realize she ought to take writing seriously. In her teens she wrote for publications like the Examiner, Treasure magazine, East Indian Journal and had a children’s page in Home life Magazine.

Weary of the many books and films made to ridicule Christianity, she decided to write a book to make people aware of this age old religion that has survived so many centuries.