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Break Your Boundaries Fresh Approach to Personal Excellence via 22 Books That’ll Kick-start Change

by Bharath Gopalan

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

A comprehensive guide to building a successful and satisfying career,
BYB will inspire readers to excel in whatever path they choose

- Marshall Goldsmith

Break Your Boundarieswill introduce you to 22 influential books that have positive impact on professional excellence. You will find definite help in this book, if you are a

CEO or Top-rung Executive, for unleashing the potentials of your organization Manager or Team Leader, for nurturing talents and growing peopleBusinessman or Entrepreneur, for enhancing your personal power and influenceProfessional or Career Aspirant, for developing your individuality with intelligence and integrity.

Break Your Boundarieswill also lead you to find fresh approaches to

overcome your interpersonal challenges, initiate and steer important dialogues, handle your emotions and work stress, and manage yourself effectively.
GB, as he is often known as in his circles, Bharath Gopalan cherishes embarking on thinking expeditions breaking the well-worn ‘calf paths of the mind’ and creating newer neuron-routes of thought and action. As you read this book and tread along with him, you will find a finer friend in Bharath who gently nudges you beyond your horizons of thinking that will help you explore yourself and chart out your own pathways towards personal mastery. He offers a distinctive yet holistic approach to uplift your vision, respond positively to challenges, enhance quality of living and build better rapport with your world.


Break Your Boundaries





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