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I Am the Voices that You Are

Author Name: Rumna Mitra Lala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

I am the Voices that you are is a book in which the poet speaks of a past, a present and a future in the city of  'Suhaag Nagri, On the map, renowned as Firozabad, Wares in Aasmani, Gulabi, Ferozi, Abounds in plenty in this City of Glass.' 

In this city, lives She and Her stories lovingly collected, 'Frail as loose plaster, Yet strong as a summer squall. She idolized the larger than life, Wan water-colour, a portrait, Mellowed with age, Of a man much older than her.'

And of now, She says:
Once upon a time
When I could breathe
Sing and dance
Unfettered, unmasked,

Nemesis took over.


But yet from her being sounds the trumpet:

I am alive because you cried.


Pick it up, it’s that kind of a book!


-Papri Sen Sri Raman is a journalist, poet, writer and translator. Her books include a historical novel, Song of India and Jayalalithaa—A Journey.

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Rumna Mitra Lala

Rumna Mitra Lala, a Fulbright Scholar, is an educator and a facilitator with teaching experience that spans over thirty years. She received her education at different regions and leading institutions, each a fulfilling and rewarding experience influencing her to cultivate diverse interests. As a defence officer’s wife, she has had the opportunity to live and teach at untouched places, enriching her learning journey. Her travel experiences, professional and otherwise, throughout India, abroad and overseas have enhanced her awareness and understanding of cultural diversities and literary genres. Sensitive to the plight of people from all walks of society, she enjoys spending time in welfare and community service. The pandemic has strengthened her emotionally. Having struggled with and overcome Covid-19, she realizes that kindness in word and action is an effective healing process. Her articles have appeared in newspapers and journals, short stories in literary collections, and her poems have featured in Anthologies of Poetry Society of India, Ars Artium, among other compilations. A certified ELT professional, she is a resource person and trains educators on multiple pedagogical skills.