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I Found My Magic in the Hills

Author Name: Jatin Kukreja | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

A small hill town, located in Maharashtra, India. In the late winters of January 2021, was when she came to the hills where I live. And that was it. It was MAGIC altogether. The energy she carried and the vibes that came out of her soul, was admirable. The very first time I wrote something about her was, “She is that sort of magic one would write a book on.” And so here I am with this first book about her. This book consists of six categories, and each category consists of eight write-ups, where I have described her in categories like flowers, intentions, sunset, words, moon, and magic. As a reader, you will find me talking about her and narrating her with these six categories. They are written in the hills while knowing her and spending time with her as and in whatever manner I got to. Something which was born between us where we did not try for it. We never decided. Time played a beautiful role and got us together. It’s like living while loving and not just spending time. It’s like loving with intentions and not needs. It’s that sort of love which is so easy. Like breathing. We don’t try to breathe, neither we force ourselves to breathe. We all will happen to find our magic at that point in our lives where we would not expect it. And then, everything else will make sense which will show us the reality of being treated and loved rightly. I am home to her and she is my peace.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoy reading this book, and I will see you in the second book. Till then, stay tuned! Love freely, and live that love daily :)

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Jatin Kukreja

Jatin Kukreja is a simple man. His simplicity is his power and strength. His intentions are his reality. He is a young man who is determined, hardworking, and honest. He loves to cook but he loves it more when he cooks being a host. He enjoys reading, but he enjoys it more when he reads for his beloved. Swimming, photography, and listening to music are some of his hobbies. But the most favorite out of all is to write. His write-ups are so pure and straight from the heart, and that is why it is easy to connect. His writing is captivating and so is he. He is a self-made man. What got him where he is now is his sheer hard work and pure intentions. He has given back to society by volunteering for various NGOs. And he loves doing this as and when he can. Through his professional career, he has reached out to people, molded lives, have inspired many and the journey continues... Writing for his beloved in this book is where he explores himself as a lover and inspires many to love like him. He is fond of writing few liners where he can explain a million emotions. You shall find him on social media, and he’d love to reach out to you. You may find him on Instagram as @drunkinwords and via email at